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Obligations of Religion Department.

1). Mobilize and bring about solidarity among various religions, translate the party’s policy and government regulations on religion and disseminate these to priests, votaries and Buddhists for their awareness and better understanding and fulfilling the obligations of Lao citizens.

2). Promote and maintain the legal implementation of religions, transfer the party’s policy, laws and regulations of the government and LFNC project operations to a specific project based on actual situation in each period.

3). Study the operation and background of each religion in Lao PDR, comprehend the organizations, operations, religion statistics, collaborate with the cultural sector about the statistic of places, equipment and valuable assets of each religion to register for its protection.

4). Research the purpose, ideals, morals, teachings and events of each religion to give better advice for the whole country.

5). Collaborate with the Ministry of Home Affairs to identify the rules and regulations regarding religion work based on the consent of LFNC central committee; consider finding solutions for religion organizations and the votaries at local level to operate their tasks in each period.

6). Give suggestions on specific technical issues, encourage and monitor the local religion sector in carrying out their work on a regular basis

7). Collaborate with the related party and government organizations, including internal and international religious organizations for further discussion, exchange ideas with other countries about the implementation of the party’s international relations policy (based on the consent with LFNC central committee).

8). Be engaged with the local level such as provinces, districts and villages that have problems regarding religion, understanding the real situation and helping them seek solutions.

9). Promote the prevention of religions interfering with or destroying the solidarity of ethnic groups; attempting to be involved with every religion to understand each religion’s leader, priest and instructor.

10). Give some views, perspective and solutions on religion issues based on the work methods.

  1. Rights of Religion Department
  2. Implement the tasks based on the roles and responsibilities.
  3. Collaborate with other religious organizations for more information about other religions.
  4. Organize meetings and seminars and exchange issues related to religion.
  5. Manage, divide the tasks, use and propose working models and methods to implement and maintain the welfare of government officials within the department.
  6. Introduce team and individual work performance, promotion, disciplinary action and work results of the department.


  1. Organizational Structure: Religion Department consists of 2 divisions:

1). Division of Buddhism

2). Division of Religion and others


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