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Status, Roles, Rights and Obligations of Inspection Department

  1. Status:

The Inspection Department of the central LFNC or abbreviated as “ID.LFNC” is one of the secretarial department that has an equal role to other departments within the central LFNC, party organizations, ministries and governmental organizations. Their operations are under the direct supervision of the Party’s Committee and the Central Committee of central LFNC. Technical inspection is under the inspection president of central LFNC and has the direct relations to the Party Central Inspection Committee and the State’s Inspection Organization.

  1. The Roles of Inspection Department

1). Act as the secretariat and responsible for the party committee, president and vice presidents in considering, creating the plan of inspection on the integrated operation of central LFNC, implementation of resolutions, and orders of the party-government in the area of inspection.

2). Research-implement the policy, resolutions, the party’s orders, laws-regulations, national socio-economic development plan, and protect the benefits of Lao citizens to be the reference for monitoring and encouraging the implementation of other welfare for all Lao people and officials of central LFNC.

3). Carry on comprehensive inspections in central LFNC on how it fulfills its role, work methods and leading strategies of each LFNC level, office and technical department around central LFNC as well as the rights, obligations of party members, government officials of the central LFNC.

4). Consider the request and proposals of the party members, officials and all Lao people in the area under the supervision of central LFNC

  1. Obligations of Inspection Department
  2. Consider, implement and translate the party’s policy, government laws and regulations, laws on central LFNC related to inspection and central party inspection committee into a concrete plan and specific projects for effective implementation.
  3. Create inspection plans, gather information of central LFNC and carry out inspections on a regular and continuous basis. Implement and translate the policy, resolutions, party’s orders, government laws and regulations, the resolution of central LFNC party’s congress as well as clearly evaluate each inspection result and report to the party’s committee and president of central LFNC.
  4. Monitor, inspect and encourage the implementation of rights and obligations of central LFNC as provided in the central LFNC’s regulations and laws, the work methods and the leading strategy of central LFNC.
  5. Monitor and encourage implementation of the National Socio-Economic Development Plan, follow the roles of central LFNC, management and use of state funds, and domestic and international grant projects (if any).
  6. Accept petitions from all Lao citizens who are under the responsibility of central LFNC in order to collaborate with related sectors and seek appropriate solutions in accordance to the real situation.
  7. Collaborate with related sectors in monitoring and encouraging the implementation of elder officials’ welfare and government officials that are under their supervision such as: the recruitment of officials, the replacement of officials in each position, promotion, salary level, medical care, retirement and other welfare.
  8. Collaborate with related sectors in following up enquiries from National Assembly members in each constituency, collecting information for higher level party committee and reporting to related organizations for appropriate solutions.
  9. Inspect and prevent social problems and corruption under the responsibility of central LFNC.
  10. Collaborate with other sectors, inspection committee of the party-government in order to facilitate the inspection work and cooperate with other sectors to solve problems under the responsibility of each sector.
  11. Request to temporarily suspend the replacement, operations or roles of inspected individuals and those under investigation or when it is observed to cause related impacts and difficulties during the inspection.
  12. Propose to the office, departments to suspend the implementation or to modify inspection results that seem to be inaccurate and do not comply with laws and regulations.
  13. Director General, deputy directors of Inspection Department or the representative of the department has the right to participate in an ordinary and special conference of the party’s committee, the central LFNC central committee, the office and other related meetings of the departments under central LFNC.
  14. Monitor-inspect and encourage the rearrangement of organizational structure and training to upgrade inspection officials of the central LFNC at each level.
  15. Train, manage, build the capacity, use, provide welfare for government officials and improve the organization structure in the inspection department based on the party’s and government regulations.
  16. Consider, propose the budget plan and create the management plan for vehicles, equipment and assets that are legally approved by the organization.
  17. Communicate and cooperate, exchange knowledge with other neighboring countries based on the cooperation plan of central LFNC (if any).
  18. Develop the inspection guidelines of the central LFNC and collaborate with related technical departments in order to train and upgrade inspection methods for LFNC officials at every level.
  19. Fulfill other obligations based on the designation of the Party Committee and LFNC central committee.
  20. Rights of Inspection Department.
  21. Monitor-inspect the operations of central LFNC, participate in the inspection session of party organization, governmental organization, mass organizations based on their roles and obligations.
  22. Inspect the party organization, party members under the LFNC central committee in carrying out the party’s regulations and civil servant regulations of Lao PDR.
  23. Monitor the use of budget, domestic and international grants based on their responsibility (if any).
  24. During the inspection, the department has the right to collaborate with other sectors regarding problems and report to the party committee, central LFNC president for further suggestions and effective solutions. If the information is not clear, the inspection team should collaborate with other related organizations and individuals in charge of the necessary information and evidence for better and appropriate solutions based on the real situations. Then report the results to the party committee and LFNC central committee.
  25. Request for technical advice from the Party Central Inspection Committee, State Inspection Organization and the president of central LFNC inspection committee in order to accurately implement the inspection tasks.
  26. Be involved in the Ministry’s-organizations’ inspection steering committee based on their roles in order to resolve unforeseen problems.
  27. Consider and give some views regarding the policies, constitution, laws and other draft legislation related to the benefits of all Lao citizens and the government officials of central LFNC according to the designation of higher level party committee.
  28. Request for suggestions, report the information, inspection conditions, make full evaluation of the central LFNC and report to party committee, central committee of LFNC from time to time.
  29. Use the budget, technical equipment and vehicles for inspection tasks based on regulations.
  30. Participate in domestic and international conferences related to inspection topics based on the designation of party committee and central committee of LFNC.
  31. Fulfill other task designated by higher party committee.


  1. Organizational Structure:

1). Division of Party Inspection and Petition

2). Division of State Inspection and Anti-Corruption

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