Lao Front National Development


The LFNC Office is an organization working under the central LFNC; The LFNC Office has an equal role to other offices within the party and government organizations as well as the mass organizations.


  1. The LFNC Office has the following roles:

1). Work directly and comprehensively as a secretariat for LFNC’s president, vice president

2). Collaborate with related sectors in considering, solving problems and implementing the tasks of LFNC and other relevant tasks based on the suggestions of higher officials.

3). Control, copy and keep all official documents, all types of legislation as well as protecting confidentiality of documents.

  1. The LFNC Office has the following obligations

1). Briefly report about situation, create LFNC’s plans and work schemes in each period time (annual, 6 month, quarterly, monthly and weekly plans); Implement the party’s direction, government’s regulation related to LFNC work, resolutions, agreements, regulations and the operational scheme of LFNC; Be aware of situations in every level of LFNC, partner organizations and directive views of the president, vice president on the aforementioned issues.

2). Collaborate with other sectors in considering, solving problems and implementing the work of LFNC; Focus on planning, having clear working schemes for LFNC office; Analyze tasks and problems, propose the problems to other sectors for considering solutions and implementation. Collaborate with LFNC of neighboring strategic countries and international organizations based on international cooperation principles and as designated by the higher officials.

3). Act as the secretariat for LFNC in considering, giving some views in order to avoid being in a less favorable position; Encourage and inspect the work according to directions; Assist in preparing documents, comments, speeches, resolutions, orders, notices and other documents as assigned. Assemble and evaluate issues, arrange the work place, guest reception and others.

4). Manage income and expenses, assets and other public equipment.

5). Responsible for planning and maintaining management of LFNC government officials including welfare based on their roles.

6). Control, copy and keep all legislation, incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding the consideration, assistance and welfare provided by the party and government as well as by LFNC to the higher and ordinary officials.

7). Fulfill other obligations based on the designation of the higher officials.

  1. The LFNC’s Office has the following rights

1). Operate based on his own roles and obligations.

2). Introduce the directions and orders of higher officials to related individuals and organizations.

3). Review, directly report to the higher officials about any important issues.

4). Create a working operation plan, payment plan for office equipment expenses, manage, use and control the budget, other vehicles and equipment in LFNC office’s charge; Rearrange the organizational structure and its personnel, implement, monitor-inspect and report to the higher officials.

5). Organize the office meetings, document dissemination or getting consent for certain issues.

6). Affix signatures and use the office’s seal for related work based on its roles and obligations.

  1. Organizational Structure: The LFNC Office consists of 5 divisions
  2. Division of Research-Executive Briefing and Secretariat
  3. Division of Planning and Investment
  4. Division of Management, Administration and Protocol
  5. Division of International Relations and Cooperation
  6. Division of Finance


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