Lao Front National Development

Lao Front for National Development, Phongsavanh Group make donations to Mahosot Hospital.

The Lao front for National Development (LFND) and the Phongsavanh Group organised ceremony to hand over donations at Mahosod hospital in Vientiane on August 13. To mark the 69th anniversary of the Lao front.

The event was ledby LFND  President Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane and attended by the deputy Minister of health, Dr Phouthone Mungpak;  Mahosod hospital Director General, Dr Phisit phoutsavath ;LFND committee head, Dr Od phongsavanh, who is also Vice Chairman of the Front’s Economic and Legislative Advisory committee; directors, medical staff and representatives of associated groups.

Dr Xaysomphone handed over the donations, including medical equipment, medicines, consumer good and food, worth 60 million kip to Mahosot hospital. These donations were supported by the phongsavanh Group.

Dr Phisit said the hospital would distribute the supplies to patients and their families, while the medical equipment and medicines would be used to benefit medical services and treatment.

        During the event, Dr Xaysomphone listened to a summary report on steps taken for the control and treatment of dengue fever, which was presented by the Deputy Managing Director of Mahosod hospital.

Dr Xaysomphone called on all medical staff and sectors involved to do more to prevent the outbreak of diseases, particularly dengue fever.

He called on the Ministry of Health and health divisions to work in partnership with the concerned sectors to advise and disseminate information about the severe impacts of dengue on local people, so that they would be more aware and prepared to take care of their health, stay clean, and keep their families healthy. People should help prevent outbreaks and protect themselves from dengue fever, which has spread all over Laos, he added.

Dr Phisit, on behalf of all the medical staff, expressed his great appreciation for the contributions made by the President of LFND.

Dr Xaysomphone and his delegation also distributed some consumer goods and food among patients at the hospital.

The LFND and phongsavanh Group have developed good cooperation in helping people of societal well-being. Their corporate social responsibility has generated wide variety of activities, including development projects in rural areas, donation of basic necessities and sports and educational support for underprivileged children.

The phongsavanh Group has made effective contributions to Laos’ socio-economic development, poverty eradication, human resource development and quality of life improvement, and contributed significantly to various aspects of societal well-being.

It contributes strongly to national revenue annually and, increasingly, has been involved in business and education cooperation with companies in Laos and other countries, media development, and cooperation with state sectors of poverty reduction in remote areas.

In recent times, the Lao government has praised and presented many medals and certificates of congratulation to the group.

It also has good relationships with Vietnam, Cambodai, China, Russia and Dubai in the exchange of merchandise and investment.

It has representative offices in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar, which have helped Laos to become better known in the region and internationally.



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