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Party directs members to celebrate achievements, identify faults

The Politburo has directed all organisations and units of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party to identify the achievements made over the past five years, while acknowledging shortcomings so they can be addressed in the future.

The Politburo made the call in its Resolution No. 61 on preparations for the Party’s Eleventh Congress, which will take place in early 2021.
The resolution was officially disseminated at a meeting of the congress’s sub-committee on advertising and campaigning, which took place on Monday at the offices of the Lao Front for National Development.  


“Preparations for the Eleventh Congress should be conducted with a willingness to pinpoint all aspects of the truth, saluting with pride the achievements made, and opening hearts to admit deficiencies, including mistakes in policy and practice,” the resolution stated.In assessing the achievements in implementing the resolution adopted by the Tenth Party Congress and the eighth National Socio-Economic Development Plan, the Politburo stressed the need to adhere to the principles and goals of the mission of renovation and the main theme of sustaining the people’s democratic regime created by the Party.
The Politburo noted that textbook-style descriptions aimed at polishing appearances must be avoided in political reports. Instead, they should clearly define the precise problems to ensure in-depth improvement of the main policies, economic reform, organisational structure, and systematic social development.
The Politburo also stressed the need to strengthen democracy within the Party and the whole nation while mobilising the country’s intellect and decision-making talent to fully prepare for the congress so as to develop and improve the Party’s policies, and strengthen the people’s democratic regime.
One of the most important aspects of preparations for the congress was an internal review of the Party, the resolution noted. This aimed to consolidate unity and prevent undesirable conduct by personnel and Party members at all levels through comprehensive evaluation of members, especially Party members’ leadership and management responsibilities.
The resolution highlighted the need to guide personnel at every level who have lost the trust of other Party members and the general public because of their violation of the regulations or laws, or their direct or indirect involvement in undesirable conduct, or failure to fulfill their assigned responsibilities.
In his address as chairman at yesterday’s meeting, the President of the Lao Front for National Development, Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane, who is head of the congress’s sub-committee on advertising and campaigning, advised sub-committee members to comply with the resolution and to actively carry out publicity and campaigns in accordance with their role.
He noted the importance of coordination between central and local authorities to ensure unity and the success of campaign activities.
Dr Xaysomphone advised members of the sub-committee to strengthen education and awareness-building throughout the entire nation about the traditions of the Party, important events of the Party and nation, the Lao Front for National Development and mass organisations, and to hold related economic development and entertainment activities.
He also named the flood and drought response as an important activity in the campaign in the run-up to the Party congress. Dr Xaysomphone also advised sub-committee members to run campaigns among members of the public working in the fields of national defence and public security. 


By Somxay Sengdara





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